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Community of concerned people comprised of multiple ages with a heart for others.  In the wake of multiple tragic suicides, acts of hate and violence, and the onslaught of bullying we have decided that something must be done. We aim to band together and bring more genuine kindness while honoring and recognizing the inner beauty and value in each and every person.

What & Where

At Hey You Online we use the web and social media as a means to encourage real world action!  We create challenges and activities for people of every age and stage that promote kindness, friendship, support, and confidence building.  We aim to use the same cyber tools that can break people down as a way to promote our mission. Let's band together to get past the false value of likes and followers.

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Your donations go towards our anti-bullying mission to purchase gift cards used as prizes for participation in our kindness challenges.  The $ pays for gift cards, fees, and administrative costs to run our mission of kindness and anti-bullying❤️

We are a 501(c)3 organization and once we obtain your donation we will provide you with tax write off information.

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